Rubber Crumb (also sometimes referred to as rubber chips), makes an ideal rubber top layer on a horse arena. It provides a cushioned surface, reducing any likelihood of injury to horse and rider. Rubber crumb adds some protection to sand arenas, helping to prevent dust and glare. Rubber Solutions "standard grade arena rubber" is relatively chunky, in blocks of approx 20mm in diameter (see photos) which gives some weight to the product, helping to keep it in place and not blowing or washing away.

Scientific studies and field tests have shown using recycled rubber surfaces for riding is eco-sustainable and protects the joints of the horse. It also drastically reduces the dispersion of dust in the air compared to traditional sand fields. Arenas treated with recycled rubber drain better, have very low maintenance costs and a strong anti-shock value, which also makes them suitable for the protection of riders.

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Send us your arena's dimensions and Rubber Solutions can work out for you how much rubber crumb your  arena may need.

We recommend that you follow this link, and read the very useful article about arena construction.

4 to 8mm premium rubber chip

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Premium rubber chip, imported from Europe, supplied in 1.25 tonne/2.4m3 Jumbo bags. Small orders are available on demand, allow approximately 10-12 weeks delivery for bulk amounts.

Standard Arena Grade Rubber Crumb

Shredded tyre sidewall rubber which still includes the tyre fabric reinforcement. Coarse "chunks" of approximately 20 - 25 mm. Metal removed. This is supplied in 500-550kg/1.1-1.2m3 bulk bags.

Horse arena with rubber crumb over sand

This covered horse arena has been in use for a few weeks and the mixing of the rubber crumb and underlying sand can be seen.

A finer grade of crumb was used in this project, as the surface is protected from the weather.